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5 out of 5 stars

Emilee, Nature's Aura Crystals

”I am thrilled with Snapshot AI! This app has made my work so much easier when it comes to creating beautiful product photos.”

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Professional-quality shots in one click

No more waiting days or weeks - get your product photos in seconds.

Save hours of wasted time.
Get back hours of your life wasted on your product photography process so you can focus on growing your business.
Instant tweaks.
Need to tweak the image? Just update the prompts and click submit, your new image will be generated in a few seconds.
Add to your listing instantly.
Once you've got an image you like you can add it to your product listing in the click of a button.
Snapshot theme library inside the dashboard

Fire your product photographer

Our customers are saving thousands of dollars by generating product photos with Snapshot.

Ridiculously cheap.
Prices start from the equivalent of $0.005 per image.
Generous free plan.
Don't want to commit? We offer 80 generated images for free so you can see what's possible.
Reduce your businesses expenses.
No expensive photography equipment, no mailing products to your photographer. Just snap a photo with your smartphone and off you go.
Snapshot inside the Shopify dashboard

Place your product in any environment you can dream of

On top of Mount Everest, under the canopy of the Amazon rainforest, or on the beaches of the Bahamas. The world is your oyster with Snapshot. Just type what you want and it will be generated instantly.

Unlimited access to our theme library.
We've hand crafted a bunch of one-click themes that are pre-configured to generate high-quality images.
Create anything you want with custom prompts.
Create any environment you want by just writing in English. Snapshot will understand and generate the image as you ask.
Not limited by physical boundaries.
Your photographer is limited by physical boundaries and travel costs. Snapshot is not. Generate an image in any place you can think of.
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Transform your photos

Product photography in one click

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Save thousands of dollars on product photography

Generate professional-quality photos in seconds with Snapshot AI