How Much Does Product Photography Cost?

Updated on: 30 Dec, 2023

Tim Green

Images generated with Snapshot

A mid-range photographer will cost approximately $150-$300 for 1 product, taking 1-5 photos.

Other options such as using AI or doing it yourself will significantly reduce the cost.

Below I've listed some different product photography services and their associated cost.

How much does it cost to make product photos with AI?

Example image generations using the Snapshot Shopify app

Apps like Snapshot work out at a cost of $0.01-$0.005/image, with a free plan available which lets you generate 80 images at no cost.

Paid plans range from $19/month for 1,000 images/month to $39/month.

This presents a faster and cheaper option than traditional photography services and in many cases gives you more creative freedom.

Snapshot generates images in a few seconds and gives you unlimited customisability.

It comes with a bunch of preset themes making the image generation process plug and play.

Or you can also just tell Snapshot how you want your image to look in natural English at it will generate it for you. For example "product standing on a beach, palm trees in the background".

We have a 5 step process on creating product photos with AI which you might find useful.

How much do online product photography studios cost?

Online studios such as soona offer a Shopify starter pack with 1 product and 5 photos which costs $269.

With online product photography studios you send your product to them in the mail and they take the photos for you, sending you back the product and the photos.

This is a great set-and-forget option and gives you access to some high-quality photographers.

How much does it cost to hire a product photographer?

Having access to people around the world means you'll get price ranging from $5/hour to $200/hour.

This will give you the largest variance in quality and mostly you get what you pay for.

Check out their previous work before you hire someone to make sure it aligns with what you expect.

You can find product photographers on websites such as UpWork or PeoplePerHour.

How much does DIY product photography cost?

You can create some photos using a DIY setup for as little as $10, or even for free if you have some of the materials already.

This assumes you use a modern smartphone (that you already own) to take the photos.

We've got some guides to help you with the process including the 16 best product photography backdrops which ranks backdrops in terms of cost and ease of setup.