Fully-customizable prompt builder

Use our intuitive prompt builder to create your own pixel-perfect product photo.

Tell Snapshot what you want in English.
You don't need to learn a complex interface. Just type what you want in English and it will generate the photo for you.
Instant tweaks.
Need to tweak the image? Just update the prompts and click submit, your new image will be generated in a few seconds.
Save it for later.
When you've found a prompt that you like just click save and it will be added to your library.
Snapshot prompt builder

A library of hand-crafted themes

Get access to dozens of themes hand-made by the Snapshot team.

Instantly create professional photos.
Just click a theme you like and press 'Generate', your images containing your product will be generated in a few seconds.
No configuration required.
All the themes have been hand-crafted to product the best results, no tweaks necessary just click and go.
Add to your listing instantly.
Once you've got an image you like you can add it to your product listing in the click of a button.
Snapshot theme library

Bulk editor

Use our bulk editor to create dozens of product photos at the same time.

Save hours of time.
Upload all your products and create dozens of product photos in seconds.
Built for convenience.
Select photos from your product listings on Shopify or upload some from your computer.
Snapshot bulk image editor

Magic eraser

Use our integrated Magic Eraser feature to remove any imperfections in the generated images.

Super easy to use.
Just paint the area in the photo and the magic eraser will remove it.
We use best-in-class models to remove items from your images to give you the highest quality images.
Snapshot magic eraser